The Roman Roads of Languedoc

The Roman Roads of Languedoc

 I am a writer called Val Wineyard and I used to live in the "Narbonnais", the region around the town of Narbonne. 

  Narbonne, on the Mediterranean coast of Languedoc, was the Roman capital of Transalpine Gaul (the part of France on the other side of the Alps from Rome) for more than 300 years.

  My great adventure into Roman history and archeology began when I joined the local historical society studying Roman roads in the Narbonne area.

  Now I have moved to the Corbières (from the Narbonne region) and so would like to share all the fascinating things I have learned about Roman history and archeology in southern France.  This historical study has increased my understanding of this wonderful part of the world in which I live - Languedoc - and thus add authenticity to my books.

  Since my move, my focus of interest has moved too!  I am now in the process of moving appropriate articles here onto my site about the two Rennes - Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains and their surroundings. Thus, you can find my articles about the Romans in the region by using  this link      

And you can find details of my books by clicking here.

  Thank you!